26 Jan 2017

Viewing our Calendar


We have received quite a few emails/phone calls about our Calendar not opening for you.  It seems to work for most people and we are trying to resolve the issue.  However, if you are having trouble can you please email us at info@goghpaint.com and let us know if you are using a computer (which version) or apple and which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.).  If you are using a smart phone, which type and do you have the latest updates.

Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

21 Responses to Viewing our Calendar
  1. Calendar wouldn’t open on my mac (safari) or on my iPhone.

    • I’m sorry you aren’t able to open our calendar. We are trying to resolve the issues some people are having. I will email you a .pdf version of our calendars and you can email/call me to get signed up for a class.

  2. Unable to open calendar. I’m using an iPhone with latest update.

    • Teresa,
      I just sent you an email with .pdf versions of our calendars. Please let me know if I can add you to any of the classes. Each adult class is $30.00 per person. We are currently working on the website. I apologize for the inconvenience.
      Gogh Paint

  3. I cannot open your calendar on an HP using Microsoft Edge.

  4. Same here – cannot open your calendar.

  5. I can not view your calendar either on a PC using Firefox

  6. I am looking for the summer painting program calendar.

    • We have 5 weeks of camp available this year. They are Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm. The cost is $150.00 per child, per week. The starting weeks are: 6/5, 6/19, 6/26, 7/10 & 7/24.
      Let me know if you have any other questions or if you need help registering for any of them.
      Gogh Paint

  7. Hey there, I’ve tried on my computer using chrome and also my android phone using Google to see the calendar. I’ve also emailed and called today. I’m looking for this Saturday evening to celebrate moms day.

  8. iPad and safari. My phone is an android and uses chrome

    • I’m sorry you cannot view our calendar online. I can send you a .pdf version of our June & July calendar via email. You can respond by email if you have any questions or if you would like me to add you to any of our classes.
      Gogh Paint

  9. I can’t open the calendar. I’m using a iPad

  10. Still can’t open calandra on my iPhone via safari or chrome

    • I made a few adjustments to my website. If you have a chance, could you see if you are able to pull up our calendar? Thank you! Amy @Gogh Paint

  11. I have been trying since May and still can’t open . Uggggg. Getting frustrated by the time it gets fixed my gift card will be expired

  12. I cannot open your calendar either. I have an Android phone. I would very much like to get a December calendar PDF

  13. Cannot open Calendar on Android using chrome with latest “Oreo 8.0” updates. Please send PDF version.


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