01 May 2015

Kids Summer Camp!


We currently have 4 Weekly Summer Camp Sessions on the calendar (If the need arises I can add more).  Kids at least 5 years of age will have fun with different art projects/crafts as well as painting EVERY day!  Classes are small, so that all kids can be given attention.  Our sessions are Monday-Friday, 9am – 12pm.  We provide all the art supplies.  All kids get a t-shirt on the 1st day to be worn to protect clothes.  We ask that parents send a drink and snack with their kids everyday.  The cost is  $150.00 per child, per session.

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23 Responses to Kids Summer Camp!
  1. What is the cost of the summer camp for kids?

  2. Do you have a calendar of the summer camp schedule? Do you break the kids out by age groups or are kids of all ages in the same class? My daughter is 11, looking to expand her artistic abilities.


    • If you click on the link for CLASSES, it will take you to the calendar. You will find a few weeks of camp in June and July. This is our 2nd year doing summer camp. Our classes have been small enough that everyone is able to get attention and can excel at their level.

  3. i would like to sign my daughter up for a week in June, but she won’t be 5 until July. Would it be possible for her to attend, or will we need to wait until next summer?

    • It’s fine with me. I usually just let the parents use their secretion. We keep the classes small and we have 2 staff members.

  4. Are the classes fairly divided by age? My daughter is 10 and attends an after school art class but she is frustrated because she’s in with kindergarteners and because of that the teacher ‘treats her like a baby.’

    • Most of the kids that come to camp have been around 8-11 years old. I have a lot of kids that have been coming every year and are more experienced. We limit the amount of kids to 15 and we have at least 2 instructors. Everyone gets attention. We know there are different skill levels and everyone gets challenged. She definitely won’t be treated “like a baby”. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
      Gogh Paint

  5. Interested in 3 maybe 5 kids for your camp, what spots are available

  6. Hi
    I would like to enroll my daughter for summer camp
    week of June11 -June 16
    if you have any spots available.

    Please let me know

    Thank you

    Shallu Vaid

    • I’m sorry, I don’t have a camp session on June 11th. Do you mean July 11th? If so, I do have spots available still.

  7. Four weeks are mentioned, which weeks are available?

  8. Hi I would like to sign my daughter Faith up for camp the week of July 25th

    • Jamie,
      I can add her on my end or you can register her from the calendar. Let me know.
      Thank you,
      Gogh Paint

  9. Hello, is July 25th week still open?
    Thank you.

  10. My girls just finished camp for this week and they enjoyed every day so much. We will be signing up for another week yet this summer because they begged to go again:) Thank you for offering such a wonderful camp <3

  11. Hello,
    Do you have room for two in the July 11th camp?

  12. Can I sign my child up for just one day of the weekly summer camp? What would the cost be for one day?

    • Unfortunately, you have to register for the week. I can only take on about 14 kids, so taking someone for a day or 2 would mean losing the spot for someone else the remainder of the week.


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